Initially I completed a three year full time teaching/acting diploma course at drama school, Brighton. Since then I have obtained NVQ’s in literacy, numeracy and ESOL. Also the assessors award and counselling skills-stage 1.

In 2013 I joined St Augustine’s as a volunteer reading assistant, which involves listening to and helping children with reading skills on a 1-1 basis. I have also been involved with various classroom classroom activities.

Prior to this I was a full time literacy and numeracy tutor at City College Peterborough (Brook Street) teaching basic literacy skills to the 16-19 year olds on the ‘Training for work’ programme. This involved helping them to improve their basic skills and work towards and achieve a level 1/level 2 literacy and numeracy qualification. I was also a tutor in the main college, teaching basic language skills to adult second language ESOL students, which involved helping them to improve their language skills and work towards and obtain and ESOL NVQ qualification.

I have also taught drama, yoga and relaxing techniques.