At St Augustine’s Junior School, Achievement for All (AfA) is a whole school strategy – all our children benefit from this model. St. Augustine’s has been an “Achievement For All” school for 4 years. There is strong evidence that AfA, delivered well, encourages greater engagement of children in their learning, higher achievement and better well-being.

There are four strands to AfA and we believe that these are essential in order for our children to achieve and grow.

Leadership: ensuring all our leaders in the school have the necessary support which will reflect in our students’ learning and progress.

Teaching & Learning: ensuring necessary interventions in the classroom and different learning strategies will take place for all students as every child matters.

Wider Outcomes and Opportunities: supporting all our students to improve their self-esteem, emotional resilience, wellbeing and a readiness to learn, and to enable all students to take an active part in the wider life of school.

Parent and Carer Engagement : having parental engagement is key to student’s progress. We endeavour to establish effective relationships between parents or carers and to have a culture of mutual listening.

We see AfA as an important element of our school; all children are seen as having potential, and every child is enabled to be the best that they can be regardless of their background, the challenges they face or the needs they may have.

Miss Wilkinson is our AfA Champion and she works closely with our AfA Coach, Steve Gash, to closely monitor the progress of our AfA children.

If your child is selected to be an “AfA” child, you will be invited to 3 “structured conversations” with your child’s teacher every year. These are really important opportunities to discuss your child with their class teacher and the progress they are making, not only academically but behaviourally, socially and emotionally as well. Your child’s class teacher will also keep you well informed of your child’s progress with regular updates and will support you too in how best to help your child at home.  We aim that every AfA child also attends at least one after-school club to give them as many opportunities as possible to develop their skills, interests and capabilities.