The club timetable for 2021-22 is attached below. This timetable is subject to change and any updates will be communicated to you by email.

After School Clubs Timetable – 2021-22

The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for all year groups, including Netball, Football, Eco Expolorers, Street Dance and Children’s University. Our musical clubs include Choir and Musical Theatre and we offer fee-paying lessons in Guitar, Drumming, Violin, Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone and Singing during the school day. Details of the clubs available are sent home during the first half of the autumn term. Children who stay for the after-school clubs will need a signed consent form allowing them to stay.


Eco Science Club –

Our after school Eco Science Club is a mixture of thinking about the environment and using our scientific skills to produce ideas on how to help save the planet!
We are working towards earning our Green Blue Peter badge, concentrating on reducing plastics usage, promoting clean energy, food wastage problems and the benefits of plants. We enjoy investigating different forms of energy and how well they work, e.g. solar panels and wind turbines. Making our own bioplastic was also a great investigation, giving us a fantastic insight into plastics and their many uses.
The club is a coming together of like minded children that enjoy working together to share their scientific knowledge as well as create ideas and solutions towards helping our environment and the world that we live in.

Wellbeing Club – We will discover new ways to make ourselves and others feel happy and relaxed – it might be drawing, crafting, yoga, writing a postcard to residents in a care home or hospital or planning to do something for people special to us.

Country Dancing – St Augustine’s has traditionally taken part in the Peterborough Schools Country Dancing Festival each year.

The children attend Country Dancing club beforehand to learn the dances and then show off what they have learnt at an outdoor festival, dancing to a live band with more than 20 other schools from the Peterborough area – it is a wonderful evening! Parents and carers join us to have picnics and fun, watching lots of fantastic dancing. Summer Term Only.

Year 5/6 School Football Team – Our school football team enjoys weekly training sessions where the children get the chance to try out and refine football skills. We usually take part in a league and knockout tournament run by Stanground Academy and take part in any competitions that present themselves over the course of the year. We also look to host other local primary schools for matches.

Just Do Sport – Football Club – Open to all children in our school, Just Do Sport runs this fun and active club each week. They hold separate Lower and Upper school tournaments to allow the children to enjoy playing football in a controlled and safe environment.

Table Tennis Club – Our weekly Table Tennis club, open to all of our children, allows them to try Table Tennis. Run by a qualified table tennis coach and the children take part in skill practices before applying these skills in match scenarios.

Basketball Club – New to our 2021-22 after school, provision calendar is our Basketball club. We are hosting Blueprint Basketball who are offering a weekly session for all of our children to learn and enjoy basketball skills. The children are able to learn the rules of the game and are able to refine their basketball skills with help from an experienced coach.

Spanish Club – Spanish after school club is a fun and interactive way to learn some basic, conversational Spanish phrases through lots of oral practise, by listening to songs, watching video clips and playing games too. We are currently building up our ‘All about Me’ vocabulary to enable the children to construct their own dialogue. The children will also get the opportunity to learn a little about Spanish culture and traditions. It is a mixed year group club, held on Mondays in Simmonds class and anyone is welcome to attend.

School Trips & Activities

Throughout the school year we will arrange for music groups, theatre and sports coaches to visit the school and for the children to go out to visit places related to their school topics. Some of these visits will be to attractions in the local area and others may involve a journey by coach. These trips will add so much to your child’s education; we occasionally have to ask families for a voluntary contribution towards the costs and hope that most parents will be able to support us. We also offer residential trips to all our pupils; one of the main aims of the residential trips is for pupils to experience greater independence and to improve their confidence.

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