Music lessons at St. Augustine’s Junior School

As a school, we support extra-curricular diversity and try and provide the children with as  many life-enriching opportunities as possible.

In early 2015, we successfully launched the provision of private music lessons during the school day in the violin, flute, saxophone and clarinet, through our well-established music provider Lincolnshire County Council. The demand for lessons was identified through our communications with parents and the interest shown by the children when a survey was carried out.

Indeed, over 20% of our children now successfully take lessons in these instruments at a charge to the parent/carer of £3.00 per lesson, held in groups. The instruments are also made available to the children to take home and practise, with no additional charge made for this provision. We are building links with the Peterborough Music Hub who now run the wind instrument lessons at school.

In further response to the children’s needs and requirements, we now offer lessons in the guitar and drumming. These lessons are being provided by Mr Soccio and Mr Marcos and the cost to the parent is £5.00 per group session which lasts for 30 minutes. These lessons are proving very popular and are well received by the children.

The school embraces musical tuition and successfully runs singing lessons in school run by Classical Reflection. Again there is a cost to the parent and carer for these lessons which the school hosts. There is a vibrant and well attended choir club at school where children can sing in a group setting and grow in confidence performing in whole school events. Through the Peterborough Music Hub, the school also welcomes opportunities to attend singing workshops and curricular music days. There is also a fee paying Musical Theatre club run by Classical Reflection which is hugely popular with the children.

If you are interested at all in your child learning a musical instrument or joining one of our after-school clubs, please contact the School Office where we will be happy to accommodate you wherever possible.