Welcome to our Positive Page – where we share your kind comments.

Year 3 Parent – July 2020

We are happy with the progress my child has made in St Augustine’s. Also, the support by all the teachers during lockdown for home-learning was amazing.

Year 3 Parent – June 2020

I wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work –  I have been overwhelmed by the support offered by the school and the work you are setting to ensure the children’s learning continues.

Year 3 Parent – June 2020

Thank you for helping my daughter gain confidence this year.

Thanks also for all your extra work and support you have all done since lockdown began. Hope you get to relax over the summer.

Year 6 Parent – June 2020

Thank you so much to all the wonderful teachers and staff at the school. Our son has loved his time there and we have been so happy with his development both educational and personal since he has been with you. The work you have done during the pandemic has been incredible you are a credit to the school and to teaching.

Thank you once again for everything we will all miss you.

Year 6 Student – June 2020

I have remembered and will remember lots about my primary school and I will never forget it. I will remember my teachers and my friends. I will remember the people who inspired me and who thought of me. I have loved being at this school and I have loved being a role model as I was a House Captain for my house.

I would like to thank all of the staff at St Augustine’s for providing a wholesome learning environment. Their friendliness and deep care will stay with me all my life.

Year 4 Parent – June 2020


Year 5 Parent (sent formally to Governors) – May 2020

My child is studying in year 5.

I want to thank the head teacher, all teachers and staff for their dedication and hardwork in providing online learning to my daughter. The learning resources were very useful and I really appreciate the hard work of teachers and staff. Emails sent to school during lockdown period were responded immediately. I was very impressed at the dedication of your staff when one of the staff hand delivered the online login credentials at my home address. I don’t know who that was, but please convey my appreciation.

Also want to thank the head teacher for providing timely information to parents which was very useful. Thank you again for your dedication and hard work during this unprecedented time.

Year 4 Parent – May 2020

I hope you’re well –
Firstly massively well done for everything everyone is doing through all this at school – you’re all amazing.
I thought you may like to know we’ve had some super impressive improvements with my son at home with his learning and behaviour.
He’s doing so well and has really surprised me with his hands on approach through this time, honestly without all his help through these weeks I could never of done it all.
Every morning he’s helped me do the morning clean and breakfast run down.

I’m really proud of him and I really hope he brings it all back to school with him when we get there – just thought you’d appreciate a little update.

Year 4 Parent – March 2020

I just wanted to say thank you for all the communication as I fully appreciate what a challenging time this has been for schools. My daughter will not be in during the closure period as I have been able to schedule being at my own school with my husband who has a bit more freedom currently as he is not a key worker. In addition, thank you for the variety of work that my daughter has had to complete this far. Although she is missing being in school, she has enjoyed completing the tasks, and has demonstrated a lot of independence (and annoyance at her younger brother for not sharing the laptop), where I thank you for ensuring that the students were as prepared as possible.

Sending all my best to the team at St A’s and your loved ones.

Keep safe!