Eco Ninjas

At St Augustine’s, we work hard to promote looking after our environment and class-elected children form the Eco Ninjas, a group that sits on the Eco Committee.

One child from each class attends Eco Ninja meetings, led by Mrs Grange and Mrs Massey on a regular basis. Since beginning Eco Ninjas, we have created our own logo and even our own rap and can safely say that the children of St Augustine’s are excellent at reciting the rap – they reel it off with enthusiasm and passion!

The main role of the Eco Ninjas group is to run Eco competitions which ensures that all children are thinking about the Eco topic for each term. We have had many Eco topics including Paddock Wildlife, Saving Paper, Saving Energy and Saving Water and we always try to be healthy eaters. Joining forces with Bike It Crew also helps to encourage cycling and scooting to school as opposed to relying on cars.

The children of St Augustine’s are very proud of their Eco work and enjoy working together to look after our planet.

Eco Club

To encourage a whole school interest in all things Eco we also have an Eco Club, which is held at lunchtime with drop-in activities. All children are welcome to come and create posters, notices or collages, carry out rubbings, make eco sculptures, litter pick and suggest ideas to help look after the Earth for future generations.

Eco Club News – March 2019

Eco Club News – Sept 2019

The St Augustine’s Eco Rap

2, 4, 6, 8
Come n’ be my Eco mate
Help our planet
Plant some seeds
Eco Ninjas are what we need
Don’t drop litter
That’s too mean
Join our Eco friendly team
Recycle paper
Clothes and food
Have an Eco attitude!
Switch off a light
Turn off a tap

This is The Eco Ninja rap!
As God’s children we will be
Protecting all the lands and seas
Wild Animals, Fish and birds,
Creeping plants and Cattle herds (Genesis 1:26)
All God’s creatures big and small
Save our Earth
That’s our call
Don’t be a whinger
Be an Eco Ninja!